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The K-Town Group, which gathered in 1996, consists of mostly younger Kosjeric citizens. From its' early development the group has been active in various types of activities in the local community and the rest of the region. The K-Town Group's goal is affirmation of arts and culture and protection and improvement of human rights.

On February the 22nd, 2003 the K-Town Group was registered with ten active members at the Ministry of Ethnic Relations. In few months the number grew rapidly to 70 members in total at the end of 2006.

So far the K-Town Group launched many different enlightening programs such as: a Yugoslavian young bands' music festival (called Underground), musical arrangements for a few local bands with performances in Kosjeric
and the region, and carrying out performances of a number of other bands visiting Kosjeric. The group members also volunteered and initiated nights of poetry readings and a traditional ethno festival, called "Cobanski Dani" which took place under the sponsorship of Kosjeric's municipality. A huge effort was made in creating a local council: CESID (Center for Free Elections and Democracy). The K-Town Group assisted educating trough tribunes, lecturing, booklet presentations, elections control, participation and activity in the OTPOR (People's Resistance) group in Kosjeric and the region.

The most successful and popular action was when the K-Town Group coordinated the international camps which took place in Kosjeric. These camps have since 2001 been held every summer with over twenty participants coming from different European countries and the rest of the world to join various art projects. You are invited to find more about the international art camps by browsing this web site.
The aims of the K-town group are:
Affirmation, Protection and improvement of human rights and political freedom; Development of ecological rights; Increase of individual creativity and self-awareness through the community's potential cultural assertions; Arranging cultural activities in the local community and the region; Civic education through tribunes, seminars and presentations on various topics of life and science; Improving the institutional public development to distribute human tolerance and appreciations.

If you need some more information you may conntact us on email adress ktowngroup@gmail.com or phone nummber  +381 (0) 64 220 43 34.

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