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In coherence with clauses of articles 6. and 10. Civic organization Law, for merging public and political organizations in SFRJ (Official gazette SFRJ no. 42/90), during the meeting held on February 22, 2003 the founding parliament ‘K-Town Group’ adopted the following:

K-Town Group

Article 1.

’K-Town Group’ – in further text ’KTG’, has founded nonpolitical, nongovernment and nonprofit civic organization for the aims of promotion, protection and improvement of human and political rights and freedoms, development of environmental human rights, in particular affirmation of cultural society potentials trough instigation of individual creativity and self-awareness,  as well as initiation and organization of different kinds of cultural and artistic events in local community and in region, progressing further civil education trough tribune, seminars and lecturing on different domains of  life and science, stimulation of civil institutional development and spreading global tolerances and understanding.

Article 2.

For the aims of fulfilling ‘KTG’ objectives, we mainly punctuate the following:
1. ‘KTG’ gathers and works at professional literature on areas mentioned in article 1,
2. Collaborates with universities, expert organizations and other organizations in country and abroad that deal with same or similar activities,
3. Organizes, alone or together with other organizations, conferences, seminars, tribunes and skilled congregations on mentioned areas,
4. Conducts art camps, concerts, exhibitions, literary events and other cultural and artistic activities,
5. Publishes all materials of implemented activities via local and state media making them available for the public.

Article 3.
Name and residence

Name ‘K-Town Group’.
Residence of ‘K-Town Group’ is in Kosjeric.
Civil organization ‘K-Town Group’ performs in municipality Kosjeric and in the whole territory of Serbia and Montenegro .

Article 4.

‘KTG’ member can be any person of age who accepts organization’s aims and its statute.
Decision on new membership brings the Founding board.
The member can retire from the membership by giving written withdrawal statement or by the decision of Founding board.
The membership in the organization ends with extensive member non-activity, according to the judgment of Founding board or Supervision board.
The decision of ending membership brings the Parliament with the Founding board recommendation.

Article 5.
Membership rights and obligations

The members’ rights:
1. Equally take part in implementation of ‘KTG’ aims with other members,
2. Immediately participate in decision making with Parliament, and trough other ‘KTG’ organs,
3. Elects and have the right to be elected within the ‘KTG’ organs and
4. Be timely informed about work and activities of ‘KTG’

The members’ obligations:
1. Actively contribute to ‘KTG’ aims,
2. Participate, in accordance of the interest, in ‘KTG’ activities,
3. Make monthly payments of membership fee and
4. Perform other occupations that are given by the Founding board

Article 6.

‘KTG’ parliament makes all members of the organization.
Parliament gathers once a year. Special Parliament meeting can be prearranged by the Founding or Supervision board proposition, as well as with the written initiative of at least one third of membership
The parliament:
1. Brings the agenda,
2. Passes the Statute, its changes and tacks,
3. Identifies and approves, at least once a year, Founding board report,
4. Adopts financial plan and report and
5. Elects and dismisses members of the Founding board.
The Parliament fully arbitrates if there are at least half of the members present.
The Parliament decisions with majority of present members’ votes.
For the verdict of Statute changes and tacks, there has to be at least two thirds of present members to decide.

Article 7.
Founding board

Founding board is the ‘KTG’ executive organ that takes care of organization’s aims conduction and those that are fixed by the Statute and Parliament resolution.
Founding board consists of seven members that are elected and dismissed by the Parliament.
The Founding board elects its president and general secretary. The President of the Founding board represents the organization according to the lawful commerce and has rights and obligations of the financial ordering party.
The president and the general secretary of the Founding board are authorized to represent the organization and approve all financial and asses documents in the name of the organization.
The Founding board can authorize the third party that in the name and for the account of ‘KTG’ represents the organization in some lawful cases. This kind of competence, and by the decision of the Founding board, is signed by the President and General Secretary of the Founding board.
Founding board membership mandate is for four years and can be reelected again.

Article 8.
Supervision board

Supervision board controls ‘KTG’ financial operations and in the case of recognized irregularity, with no further delay, brings the attention to the Founding board.
The Supervision board consists of three members that are elected by the Parliament. Supervision board membership mandate is for four years and can be reelected again.
The Supervision board brings the report for every Parliament session.

Article 9.
The publicity of the work

The work of the ‘KTG’ is public.
The Founding board takes care of usual members informing of public work and activities of ‘KTG’ immediately by publications and media.

Article 10.
Cooperation with other organizations

For the implementation of its aims, ‘KTG’ makes contacts and collaborates with other expert, science, educational and other organizations in the country and abroad.
‘KTG’ can adjoin international organization with the same or similar activities and goals, with the approval of the Parliament.
Joining the international organizations has to be registered with the state organ in the period of fifteen days and in the accordance to the Law.

Article 11.

‘KTG’ makes the funds from the membership fee, donations, with open projects competition given by the state, city or other foundations from different sources all in the accordance to the Law.

Article 12.
Dissolution of the organization

‘KTG’ dissolutes with the decision of the Parliament, when there is no condition for its work as well as with other cases required by the Law.
In the case of dissolution, ‘KTG’ belongings are going to be given to the local schools in the Kosjeric municipality territory.

Article 13.
The stamp

‘KTG’ is in the possession of the quadrate shaped stamp. The symbol of the organization is four heads that are positioned in circular motion on the left side in contrast to the name of the ‘K-Town Group’.
The text has been written in two areas. The big letters name ‘K-Town’ and the small letters, above the text ‘K-Town’, stand for the word ‘Group’.

Article 14.
Engagement of the Statute

This Statute has been engaged on the day of Founding board ratification by the members of ‘KTG’.
‘KTG’ Statute will be employ from the day of involvement with the state organs.

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